Ron Pappalardo
speaker and author of Reconciled by the Light

A memoir by Ron Pappalardo

The Advanced "First Blessing" Training Seminar

One Day Workshop

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bridgeport International Academy

285 Lafayette St

Bridgeport, CT 06604

Gloucester, MA 0193
190 Western Ave 
Gloucester, MA 01930
Morning Garden
190 Western Ave 
Gloucester, MA 

This advanced workshop will give participants an

opportunity to learn and experience additional

techniques for strengthening their personal relationship with God. 

Techniques practiced and topics discussed will include: 

 ~How to Tell that You are a Mystic

~Guided Meditation

~Adventures in Forgiveness

~Journaling with God 

Seminar facilitator: This seminar will be conducted and facilitated by author, publisher, Reiki Master, and professional medium Ron Pappalardo. Ron studied religion at the Unification Theological Seminary, and is a graduate of the Morris Pratt Institute's Educational Course on Modern Spiritualism. His book, Reconciled by the Light: the After-Death Letters from a Teen Suicide, is required reading for all ministers prior to their certification by the National Spiritualist Association of Churches.

Please register and pre-pay by clicking on the button above, or by mailing a check to

Ron Pappalardo, 316 White Oak Drive, Cary, NC 27513

Beverages and snacks are included in the price; Lunch is not included.

Reserve your place

 $70.00 online or

at the door.


SATURDAY April 13, 2019


9:30 How to tell that you are a Mystic  (a person with spiritual gifts)

10:15 Meditation Exercise - Getting hugged by God

11:00 Ho'oponopono - an ancient Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness

11:45 Break

12:00 Adventures in Forgiveness / Forgiveness Inventory

12:45 Lunch

1:45 Forgiveness Exercise

2:45 Sharing

3:00 Break

3:15 Near-Death-Experiences and Near Death-Like Experiences

4:00 Adventures in Journaling with God

5:00 Journaling Exercise

5:45 Participant sharing

6:30 End of Training Seminar

 ~Testimonies of Past Participants~


I attended Ron Pappalardo's workshop in Pasadena, California. It was healing water to my soul.

I felt connected deeply to God's heart ... throughout the weekend. 

I felt real hope for the future and I feel happy inside

Sheri Rueter, Pasadena, California



 I attended Ron Pappalardo's workshop and learned a lot about the spirit world and grew my heart and refreshed my relationship with my family, self, and God. I hope that many flowers like Ron will blossom... 

Tyler Hendricks, PhD, Cary, North Carolina



This has been blessedly eye opening, a wonderful step forward towards achieving greater spiritual sensitivity, both to the heart of God and to those deceased persons who need our help and seek to help us. Ron shares his sincere dedication to helping others experience the love of God, and facilitating bonds of love across the divide between earth and spirit world.

His own journey that began with an unspeakable tragedy is one that now blesses us with insight into divine forgiveness and unconditional love. He is passionate, knowledgeable,  funny, and the information and stories are utterly riveting.

He and his wife are a national treasure.

John Williams, LMHC, Director, Couples Learning Center, Clifton, New Jersey



I signed up for Ron's workshop with a mixed feeling. I have had skepticism about the spirit world and definitely did not want to spend my weekend to listen to a preacher on the issues I heard before.

I am now happy I signed up. It was different than what I expected. It reinforced my belief system. Ron's presentation was personal, authentic, and sincere.

I recommend this workshop to those who want to know more about spirituality and the personal God.

Thank you Ron for your honesty. God bless you.

Essi Zahedie

Barrytown, NY


 I went to Ron Pappalardo's "First Blessing" seminar and I felt revived spiritually by the whole experience. Also, I felt the whole community in Montreal got revived. Ron?s heart was pouring out and his love and concern for each person was palpable each moment.

I felt prepared to receive, because I had read one of his books already and it helped me to receive his message. As a result of participating, I felt that communicating with the spiritual world is possible and that my relationship with God can be more real. Therefore, my relationship within my family and community will also be more effective and heartfelt.

Thank you Ron for the path that you took to connect with your son and to open the way for us to recover the root of our movement and "get back on track."

Serge Brosseau

Montreal,  Canada___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

The First Blessing workshop was a worthwhile, memorable experience that provided many insights and inspirations for my personal, spiritual renewal. The entire atmosphere was filled with God's heart and love. My own recent guidance from God that I am totally unconditionally loved and that once my heart and mind are ready, God has great treasure to give me, was profoundly confirmed by the content of this workshop and the experience of my fellow participants. ...I am deeply grateful for Ron's total investment of heart. He plunged into his suffering experience and through that found liberation and God's heart. It is obvious that he wants nothing for himself but to share what Heaven showed him on his journey.

-- Phillip Schanker.

Tarrytown, NY


This seminar was all that I hoped it would be, and so much more.

As a person - a woman continually seeking to deepen my connection to Heavenly Father/Mother so that I can be an instrument of goodness to others - I found so much encouragement, practical suggestions, and proof that this is a potent path to grow my heart and my love to serve others. The bonus being - I receive so much! Thank you, Ron

Cynthia Myers



 I went to Ron Pappalardo's workshop and it was such liberation for me. 

...Thank you Ron for having the courage to do what you are doing. Now, I see hope!

Suzanne Claveau Ferreira, Montreal, Canada



 The Divine Principle has a revolutionary doctrine of God's Heart of love. And yet, we have not been able to run a good Church due to our inability to understand God's Heart truly. 

Ron's approach, I believe, is to bring back God's Heart to our lives and our Church, and also to the rest of the world eventually. Therefore, I really want to endorse it.

... Although I am not a spiritual medium, I can trust Ron simply because his approach is centered on God's Heart as our Parent.

Theodore Shimmyo, PhD, Unification Theological Seminary

Barrytown, NY


 I felt the amazing power of the Holy Spirit. I was inspired by many parts of the workshop. I feel that I am closer to God and I am grateful for the experience.

- Elisa Hack

Tarrytown, NY


He provided me with a framework and examples that made it clear that our first objective is to cultivate a relationship with God, our Heavenly Parent. Thus, the emphasis on fulfilling the First Blessing.

The seminar is a good start and I recommend that anyone who wants to cultivate their spirit and learn more about God's principles should make every effort to attend.

Rev. Franco Famularo

Montreal, Canada


 I went to Ron Pappalardo's "First Blessing" workshop and I felt God and True Parent's love. I had asked for God's presence recently because I had felt an emptiness, a missing dimension to my every day life. I had felt God's love and inspiration strongly during STF and the years that followed, but in the past couple months I felt that he had left me and that my original nature, my potential for greatness, had become obsolete. Recently, I recognized this absence and tried to do something about it, to discover God again.

And this workshop certainly helped to accelerate that. Thanks to Ron and this workshop, my faith felt renewed. My relationship with God feels renewed. To sum it up in a few words, if you keep an open mind and let go of any expectations, here's what you'll experience: revival, reassurance, rediscovery, and  love.

Douglas Mizutani

Montreal, Canada


I went to Ron Pappalardo's "First Blessing" workshop and now I understand that having a loving heart creates and brings us good energy. I will work on being positive every day, even though sometimes it is difficult. Thank you so much. You have a wonderful heart.

Keiko Fortin

Montreal, Canada


"Ron Pappalardo expresses himself with clarity, wisdom, and humor... His personal story offers hope and inspiration to anyone who is open to receiving what he has to offer."

Sally Rhine Feather, PhD., Executive Director, Rhine Research Center, Durham, NC