DVD-Rev. Moon readings Vol 1

Ron has received numerous requests for a recording of our recent workshop sessions that included messages from Rev. Moon from the Spirit World.

We have managed to prepare video and audio recordings. They have now been edited and reproduced by professionals into DVDs and CDs.

The sessions are about 90 mins long.

They consist of three presentations:

1) Ron's experiences with Rev. Moon from the Spirit world.

2) Sherrie Dillard's most recent communications with Rev. Moon from Feb. 7, 2018.

3) Communication from Rev. Moon received by a member of the Unification Church who wishes to remain anonymous.

The third session in particular is something we believe every person who has ever been involved with the Unification movement in any way must heard.

It is a deeply moving and healing message from Rev. Moon, right from the heart. Many dear brothers and sisters have been brought to tears while listening.

Shipping to the USA is $3.99

International Shipping is $15.00

DVD-Rev. Moon readings Vol 1