Vol 2: Rev. Moon NEW "Easter" Message - N Korea CD


On March 27, 2019, I received some very important messages from Father Moon in a session with professional medium Sherrie Dillard.

Among these messages, he gives guidance on the current situation in North Korea, information about Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un, and what we can do to free the people there and bring the Holy Spirit.

He also talks about how we can relate to him in the Spirit World, and how open he is to helping us in our lives by having an ongoing relationship with anyone who would like to interact with him.

Connie & I have produced a CD of this session which also includes material from an additional session from 2016 in which Father discusses his family, divisions in the church, and what he has been doing since he ascended to the Spirit World.

The content is honest, deeply moving and ultimately very hopeful and inspiring! (Total length of the CD, including comments from me, is over an hour at 73:13)

Shipping to the USA is $3.99

 International shipping is $15.00

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Vol 2: Rev. Moon NEW "Easter" Message - N Korea CD