Ron Pappalardo
speaker and author of Reconciled by the Light

A memoir by Ron Pappalardo

A reader's reaction to Ron's new book, Book II

"Excellent read. Ron walks the reader thru what could have been an unrecoverable event into the light of spiritual understanding and peace. A light and energy so strong that it must be shared. This book and Ron have become a vehicle for the divine and a comfort for those among us who have shared this pain. For this his writings are truly a gift that the world and I thank him for. Kudos my friend!"

Peter Laiosa

5.0 out of 5 stars
Wonderful, May 21, 2012
This review is from: Reconciled by the Light : The After - Death Letters from a Teen Suicide (Paperback)

This book had to have been very difficult to write, my Son also left this plane by his own choice in August 2011. It continues to be a painful journey for me to come to grips with my only child hurting so badly he felt death was his only way out. It was a comfort to read the feelings and physical trauma such a death of a child causes from another parent's perspective. I cried several times while reading this book, both in hope that my Son is developing as Joshua is, and in relief that what I felt, and still feel today is normal, counselors say as much, but hearing it from another parent is different somehow. Thank you Ron, for having the courage to put your feelings and thoughts into writing and sharing Joshua with the rest of us, I know he must be even more proud to have you for his dad.


 Blew my mind.

Here is a true story worth reading. A story of a father's and a family's heartbreak when their 17 year old son commits suicide and how they got through it. I cannot imagine how the author found the strength to write this book but I am glad he did. I was very touched by the sincerity of the author and by the amazing events that brought this story from tragedy to reconciliation. 
I would recommend this book to teens and parents, especially if there is depression and suicidal tendencies present. I would also recommend this book to anyone who has lost a loved one and wonders if they will ever be able to communicate with them from the other side.

 A small book with a huge message

 10 Dec 2009 By Katrin (Scotland)

This review is from: Reconciled by the Light : The After - Death Letters from a Teen Suicide (Paperback)

 This truly is a book with a powerful message. The author has stepped out of his comfort zone to make public a very personal and sad story in the hope of helping others. Anyone who finds themself in a similar position as a parent will find comfort in the path which Ron and his family took to find peace and reconciliation. Those who have concerns about their own teenagers or who work with young people will also find a strong message telling them that suicide is not the answer and that we should look for help in the land of the living.

Heartbreaking but a necessary read, April 1, 2012 By Molly (NYC, NY, USA) -

This review is from: Reconciled by the Light : The After - Death Letters from a Teen Suicide (Paperback) 

A must-read for anyone who has lost a loved one to suicide - and even moreso for anyone contemplating suicide. While it's by and large a comforting book, it doesn't shy away from the heartbreak of the family, or the soul suffering caused by such a death on the victim.

5.0 out of 5 stars 

Very Important Book, September 1, 2010 By John Duncan -

 This review is from: Reconciled by the Light : The After - Death Letters from a Teen Suicide (Paperback This is an incredible story of faith, hope and redemption that can be applied to all our lives.

 What a treasure; and so well written. I couldn't put it down. This is a very important work which will make our world a better place. Thank you, Ron, for sharing your story with us all.

5.0 out of 5 stars 

What a wonderful book

December 15, 2011 By Irene McGarvie "Author of The Sweat Lodge is ... (Toronto) -

 This review is from: Reconciled by the Light : The After - Death Letters from a Teen Suicide (Paperback) 

This book is wonderful, tremendously comforting for anyone dealing with the pain of losing a loved one through suicide. 
The author describes his experience of losing a child and ultimately discovering that death is not the end, that life goes on beyond the grave.


Having just recently lost a teen relation to suicide, a friend gave me a copy of Reconciled by the Light. 
I was skeptical at first, not knowing much about after death experiences and leery of mediumship. 
This book has turned me around and touched me as no book has in a while. The story of this brave 
family and of the father's determination to find his son on the other side is compelling and enlightening. 
I found myself horrified, as the suicide unfolds but just as quickly comforted and inspired as the son 
finds a way to communicate with his grieving family. Yes, it is true that love conquers and forgives 
after all. 
The book is a short one, a couple of days read at the most but you will not be able to put it down 
once you start. This book has a powerful and uplifting message for teens as well as parents. 
To suicide survivors, a must read!

5.0 out of 5 stars 
Uniquely Poignant, Ultimately Hopeful Telling

January 2, 2010 By E. Pierson (VA, United States) - 

This review is from: Reconciled by the Light : The After - Death Letters from a Teen Suicide (Paperback)

 In this real life account and reflection written by his father, Joshua (Pappalardo) is the "typical troubled teenager" who makes that one, most unimaginable, and very fatal decision. However, as the whole story is told and through Josh's letters "from the other side" he also becomes - transformed through his journey "within the light" (of knowledge, forgiveness and love). It is a uniquely poignant telling, yet ultimately hopeful in both a metaphysical as well as that most basic, painfully human sense. The journey for the Pappalardo family no doubt continues. I pray and hope that parents, friends and others who are hurting, even "broken" by such tragedy and sorrow, will find this book. Let every Joshua be found. And let every parent, child, and loved one, be fully reconciled . . . within the light.


5.0 out of 5 stars Beautiful Book!November 27, 2010
This review is from: Reconciled by the Light : The After - Death Letters from a Teen Suicide (Paperback)
Anyone who has had a loved one die and who misses them, should read Reconciled by the Light. It is Ron Pappalardo's beautiful account of the healing of his relationship with his son, Josh, following his son's suicide. It is impossible to absolutely prove the existence of life after death, but this book provides thoughtfully-written and very persuasive evidence of three crucial things. The first is that the people we love do not in fact, disappear into oblivion after they pass from this life -- they are born into a new life! The second is that, by Heaven's grace, those whom we love are often able to continue growing, and indeed can find increasing happiness and joy in their new lives. The third is that sometimes we are given the grace to be able to hear from our loved ones who have passed on, and that they benefit from our love and prayers just as we can benefit from theirs. 

If you miss or long for someone who has passed from this life -- a spouse, a parent, a brother or sister, a friend -- you need to read this book. I believe that it will give you a lot of insight and hope!

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March 2010


I came to this book with no particular belief in the efficacy of mediums or communication with the dead. But the sincerity and genuineness of Ron's story will convince almost anyone that there are possibilities even scientists and empiricists ought to consider. The book is beautifully written, a gripping, sometimes terrible, more often wonderful story that deals boldly with issues most people are afraid to face. The lessons it teaches about living positively, treasuring our loved ones, paying attention to the spiritual, and above all forgiving each other, all are powerfully presented. If you've ever lost a loved one, you will look upon that experience in a new and uplifting way after reading "Reconciled by the Light."

Diana Lawrence, Author 


I finished reading Reconciled by the Light, and I want to thank Ron Pappalardo for writing what must have been so difficult to even face without agony. Work like that is not for the faint of heart, and we, but especially the newly bereaved, can be encouraged that there is light at the end of a long, painful journey.

The book gives a factual account of Josh's last day on earth, his death, and the following days including his funeral. Then it becomes an account of Ron's special quest to find, help, and reconcile with his son, and his consequent efforts to bridge the great divide between the physical and spiritual worlds. Prominent in the book is the work of mediums who aid communication between Josh and his family, and messages Josh brings from the spiritual world about his life there.

There are a couple of chapters that moved me deeply and stand out in the book. One of them is the account of Ron's preparation to read Josh's first letter. In it, the heart of a father aching to meet, and touch, and embrace his son, and the incredible longing of the parental heart is bared for us to see, and I know many will relate to that -- the tears will not only be the father's tears but those of the reader.

I was also touched by mentions of how Connie (Ron's wife) expressed her grief in her paintings, and it struck me how different men and women are when it comes to grieving. The information Josh brings from the spiritual world is very reassuring and comforting. Even though we know a lot more about it than we used to, there is still residual fear about a realm we have not experienced personally. Josh tells us stories about his transition and growth, the friends he met and the help he received. He talks to his parents and siblings with love, with humor and with new found wisdom, and he also gives advice to his former school friends.

It is an incredible journey, and I was honored to be taken along on such a sacred path.
Thank you Ron for writing the book.

Celia Roomet
Jamaica, Queens

"Reconciled by the Light  recounts the remarkable journey taken by the Pappalardo family after their teenage son Joshua commits suicide - from the predictable shock and grief, to a very unpredictable liberation and tremendous growth, and, yes, this includes Joshua himself. This book goes far beyond 'coping' with suicide and loss to a powerful reaffirmation of just who we truly are and why each of us is here."

 ~Rev. David Hose, author of Every Day God

  "Reconciled by the Light should be required reading for every teenager, 
college student, or adult who is having a hard time getting through life. 
Joshua's uplifting message will inspire everyone who reads it."

~Randy Peyser, author of The Power of Miracle Thinking

"There is a saying - Grief shared is halved and joy shared is doubled. Your story together with Josh's has the power to heal that grief." 

~ Patricia Titus, RN, Duke University Hospital