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About Ron Pappalardo

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Ron Pappalardo is a writer, author, publisher, public speaker, teacher, and medium who lives in Cary, North Carolina, but the word that describes him the best is mystic. Mystic is not a simple word to explain. The dictionary defines a mystic as a person who achieves mystical experience or an apprehension of divine mysteries, but that doesn't really give us a very clear understanding of what the word really entails.

Another way of explaining what a mystic actually is, is by the process of elimination -- to say what a mystic is not. For example, a mystic is not primarily a philosopher, although he or she may be a philosopher in addition to being a mystic. A mystic is not primarily a theologian, although he or she might study theology in addition to being a mystic.


A mystic is one who discovers truth not by studying it, but by experiencing it. A mystic is not so much interested in believing, but knowing. When the famous psychologist Carl Jung was asked by a BBC interviewer if he believed in God, Jung replied, I don't need to believe; I know.

The mystic practices techniques that create an altered state of consciousness that opens a doorway into the world of spirit. Through that doorway, the mystic is able to experience the Transcendent truth, beauty, and love that philosophers and theologians only talk about.

Many people have mystical experiences without even realizing that's what they are. For example, during Near Death Experiences (NDEs), people often describe the experience of entering into an altered state of consciousness in which they have unquestioningly real experiences of a spiritual reality in which they encounter a heightened sense of their own immortality, profound realizations of truth and wisdom, and the presence of a Transcendental entity that exudes a love that is just overwhelming in its compassion and embrace. These are all signs of a mystical experience, and the good news is that you don't have to almost die to have one.

When Ron lost his teenage son to suicide in 2003, it launched him onto a path that led to a profound growth in his own mystical experiences and abilities, and the learning of various techniques for triggering them. The joyful ecstasies he has experienced through the mystic path have motivated him to share this experience with any one who is interested in learning about it. He is not just interested in telling you about his experiences; he is much more interested in guiding you in ways that can lead you to your own mystical experience.

Ron works one-on-one and in group settings to teach people how to have a mystical experience. Experiences such as these are always life-transforming events, and that new transformation is always for the benefit of each person that has one.

 Ron is the author of 4 books. He lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife, artist Constance Pappalardo.



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