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session 70

Wednesday March 27, 9 pm EDT

Dear Friends,


The next Zoom will be on Wednesday March 27, at 9 pm Eastern Time.  The guest speaker will be Cheryl Wetzstein.  Cheryl will share a mystical experience she had that made a profound impact on her life of faith. To register, click the yellow button :












Cheryl Wetsztein spent 33 years as a Washington Times news reporter, covering national domestic policy, in addition to being a features writer, environmental and consumer affairs reporter, and assistant business editor. She has won several newspaper awards, including 1977 Cub Reporter of the Year and 1983 Heart of New York award, both from the New York Press Club. She currently advises the International Media Association for Peace (IMAP) and edits books and websites.

Cheryl and her husband Douglas were married in 1982, live in Maryland, and have three adult children and two grandchildren.

Here is an excerpt from her talk:

In the beginning of 1982, I decided I had to have a showdown with God. The issue was an upcoming marriage ceremony, a core milestone of my path of faith.

   I needed God to give me an honest answer about my fate. So, I devised the harshest 120-day spiritual condition I could imagine to get His attention.

     On or around the 40th day of that condition, I had a 45-minute out-of-body experience with God. 

    As part of that experience, I met Mother God, who embraced me and nursed me at her breast to comfort and heal me. Then, once I was calm and content, Mother God gently released me to Father God ... and, looking into His face, God said to me, 'I love you. I love you'.... Father God then answered my question and even told me more..

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The session will be about an hour and 15 minutes long.

We will record the event, so we can send it to you later via email if you can't attend live.

Note: In order to  participate, you will need to have access to the Zoom teleconference program. You may download the free Zoom program by clicking the link below:  Join Zoom for free.


Hope to see you there!


Ron and Connie

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