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session 72

The next zoom session will be on Wednesday, July 17, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Our guest speaker will be Dr. Kathy Winings, who will speak about her recent Near Death Experience.


Dr. Kathy Winings is the Vice President of the Board of Directors for the International
Relief Friendship Foundation, Inc., an international disaster and sustainable development
agency, after having served as its executive director for 12 years. She has traveled
throughout the world conducting vital projects including developing schools, medical
clinics, capacity building, food security, trainings and major disaster response.
She has served in numerous administrative positions in higher education such as Vice
President for Academic Affairs, Director of the Doctor of Ministry Program, and
founding Dean of the NYC and MD campuses for the Unification Theological Seminary.
Dr. Winings is also Professor Emeritus in Religious Education.
She is President and Founder of Educare, an educational consulting agency with expertise
in curriculum design and programming, educational leadership, neuroscience and service
learning. Dr. Winings is the author of numerous published articles on neuroscience,
service learning, restorative justice, brain-based teaching and effective education. She is
the editor of the book American Christian Traditions and the author of Building
Character through Service Learning. In 2022, she was the guest editor of special issue on
religious education for the international journal Religions. She is currently writing a book
on her recent near-death experience.
Dr. Winings received her Undergraduate degree in Media Studies and her professional
diploma in Elementary Education from Fordham University, her Master of Divinity from
the Unification Theological Seminary, and her EdD from Teachers College, Columbia

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