Some people just believe there is a God, but some people know there is a God.

Knowing God comes from having a personal, real and direct experience with God.

This can happen through dreams, visions, while praying or meditating, in near-death experiences, or sometimes while just walking in the woods. However it happens, it is always an uplifting, healing, and empowering event that touches us with a love greater than we’ve ever felt before. Ron Pappalardo is an experienced mystic who specializes in teaching others how to have their own direct experience with God. In this book he helps you identify your own spiritual abilities, introduces you to some powerful mystics, and provides you with the tools you need for your own Divine encounters. Full of simple, practical techniques and common sense wisdom, Experiences with God contains all you need to know for a successful spiritual adventure.



Experiences with God: Stories about Mystics: A Guidebook to Your Own Divine Enco


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