The Blue Island: Beyond Titanic-Voyage Into Spirit by William T. Stead as Channeled through Pardoe Woodman Written and Compiled by Estelle W. Stead With an Introduction and Afterword by Philip Burley The Blue Island: Beyond Titanic—Voyage into Spirit reveals what ultimately happened to 1,517 men, women, and children who, on April 15, 1912, lost their lives on the RMS Titanic. Following his own death on the Titanic, British journalist William Stead communicated this extraordinary account, first published in 1922, through medium Pardoe Woodman. In 1987, the spirit of William Stead asked modern-day medium Philip Burley to republish The Blue Island to enlighten many still drawn to the story of this maritime disaster. Through his substantial introduction, Philip provides fascinating insight into his encounters with William Stead and the Titanic from 1987 to the present. Framed by Philip’s profound experience, Stead’s story sheds a powerful light on the reality of life after death and brings comfort to all who have lost loved ones in mass disasters.

Mastery Press ISBN 978-1-883389-54-3

The Blue Island; introduction & afterword by Philip Burley


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